About Sudan
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Geographical Location

Sudan is located in the northeastern part of the Africa Continent between latitudes 8 and 22 degrees north of the Equator and longitudes 22 and 38 east, It borders seven countries, namely: Egypt to the north, Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east, South Sudan to the south, Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west, and Libya to the northwest.


The area of Sudan is 1,882,000 square kilometer

Population, Religion & Language

Population: 32 millions ( estimated )

Religion: Islam is the religion of the majority in Sudan(96%).y Christianity and other religions are existed in small percentages.

Language: Arabic is the official language of the state and it prevails in different areas of Sudan. English is used in some official and educational contexts. This is beside another number of local dialects.


Emblem & Flag


The emblem of Sudan demonstrates the picture of the "Secretary Bird" with the wings  spread upward. There is a frame linking the two wings of the strong bird and the phrase "Victory is for us" written on it.
There is an arched frame at the base of the emblem where the phrase "the Republic of Sudan" is inscribed.


Sudan flag is composed of three rectangular strips of Red, White and Black colours (from up downward). There is a green triangle in the part near the staff with a sleight that equals one-third of the total length of the flag.



Currency in Sudan: Sudanese Pound (SP)

1USD= 2.5 SP

Time zone

Standard time zone:    UTC/GMT +3 hours

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