Visa Procedure
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- The entry visa is issued to persons who are going to the Republic of the Sudan for the purpose of Tourism, Business, Official Duties or Visits whose stay would not be more than two months.
- Extension of periods of stay in Sudan stated in paragraph 1-(a) will be done through the passport, immigration and Nationality Department, Ministry of Interior, Khartoum.
- All normal entry visas to Sudan are valid for single entry and Journey and valid for one month from the date of issue.
- The fee for the entry visa is as follows:-

      USD 50 for Vietnamese National
      USD 50 for Non Vietnamese Nationals with Permanent Residence in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

     ( Visa fee can be paid on VN Dong )
-The fee is payable at the Embassy after the final procedure is done on the Embassy's request and should be in cash or direct to Embassy's Bank Account.; 

•The Embassy is not issuing Visas on Temporary Passports or Emergency Travel Documents.


REQUIREMENTS WHEN APPLYING FOR A VISA WITH A DIPLOMATIC, OFFICIAL OR SPECIAL PASSPORT Read with Paragraphs (3) a, b, c, d, e and i the requirements are as follows:

1.A Note Verbale to be submitted to the Embassy for an Official visit to Sudan.
2.In case of Diplomatic placement in Sudan, proof of such placement to be submitted.


•Valid Passports for at least six months.
•Completed visa application form (Duplicate). The form can be found at the Embassy or on the Embassy's website (
•One Passport size photographs.
•Visa application form must be signed by the applicant personally and must be submitted to the Consulate Section at the Embassy.
•Proof of booking of airline ticket from Travel Agent.
•Letter from the applicants Employer confirming the visit to Sudan.
•Proof of sufficient funds.
•Consular hours are from Monday to Friday between the hours of 09h00 - 12h00.


Read with Paragraphs 1, and 3 above, the additional requirement is that, the Country of destination after Sudan (if any) should be indicated on the application form together with anticipated date of arrival and departure from Sudan.
1.The Embassy is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
2.Visas are also issued upon the approval of the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum by the Sponsor or the Counterpart in Sudan.
3.An incomplete Visa application form will be rejected and returned.
The processing time for Visa's normally takes ten (10) days to finalize.

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