Ambassador’s welcome note
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 11:22

Ambassador of The Republic of Sudan to Viet Nam

Untitled “Xin chao!” “As-salamu alaykum”, is a Sudanese way of greeting which literally means, “Peace upon you.” On behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Hanoi, it gives me both honor and pleasure to cordially welcome you to the homepage of the Embassy.
Sudanese people have had deep affection for Viet Nam since Vietnam War. The people of Sudan highly appreciate and respect the historical struggle of the Vietnamese led by the Great Hero Ho Chi Minh, for independence and dignity. As Viet Nam and Sudan has established the diplomatic relation since 1969, we are here to strengthen ties with you, to welcome you to Sudan and bring the huge opportunities of Sudan to Viet Nam.
Politically, the country has put to rest a civil war that has plagued the country and hindered its growth for most of its independent history in the southern part of Sudan. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed in Nairobi, Kenya in January 2005 is a milestone and a positive step in the history of Sudan. The issue of marginalization was resolved on the basis of power and wealth sharing between the north and the south with the understanding that the same principles would be fit for other less developed regions of Sudan. Recognizing this fact, the United Nations Security Council moved to Nairobi to endorse the historic agreement.

The Government of National Unity (GONU) comprises the former government of the National Congress Party and the former rebel group, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) along with other 14 political partieshave been established accordingly. In April 2010, general elections from the level of presidency to the regional localities will be held. In a rush not to give a chance to the model of the CPA to be applied in different regions of Sudan and not to allow this huge rich country to tap into its many resources, hostile circles created another conflict in the western region of Darfur while hastily characterizing it as genocide. Fortunately, many fallacies surrounding this conflict have been unraveling lately. Many realized that the path to peace would be to pressure the rebels' leaders to sit for negotiations in order for a viable solution to be achieved .According to the provissions of the Intrim Constitution of the Sudan of 2005, the people of south sudan has been granted the right for self determination to decide whether to stay as united country or to secede after the end of the Intrim Peroid in a referundum.The people of the south sudan voted for secesion in January 2011 and established their state in July 2011.The republic of the Sudan was the first coutry to recognize the new born state.

Economically speaking
, Sudan is designated as one of the fastest growing economies worldwide. For over a decade, the GDP never went lower than 6%. It has great potentialities in form of the extensive uncultivated farmland or the plentiful water resources, differing climatic zones; its huge animal wealth and limitless natural pastureland, forests or the mineral wealth, particularly its large oil reserves, which have not been fully exploited yet. The diversities in wealth are an added advantage.
Our eyes are on the prize to emulate Vietnam’s model in the biggest exporter of rice in the world. We also strive to earn Vietnam’s top place seafood production and export. I am delighted to inform that Vietnamese and Sudanese government has signed a big contract to help Sudan in rice production development and we have already received some experts from those fields to do survey in Sudan as the beginning to turn our potential into reality.
Viet Nam is emerging as a fast developing country today. Its success as big food supplier to the world and in erasing the illiteracy represents a model to Sudan which is striving to achieve those goals. There is a great opportunity for a win-win relationship with Sudan where both countries would reap the benefits.
I hereby extend an invitation to Vietnamese from different walks of life to visit Sudan to acquaint themselves with its hospitable and kind people espousing great love and admiration for Viet Nam and its people. We hope this website offers you a window of opportunity to know Sudan and visit its treasures and learn more about its history, politics and culture. We also wish to inform you of Sudan’s activities and its political and economic relations with Viet Nam. Through cooperation, dialogue, and the exchange of ideas, Viet Nam and Sudan have maintained a solid friendship based on tolerance and understanding.

We hope you benefit from our website and we welcome all your comments and questions.

Best Regards,

Sayed Altayeb Ahmed.

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