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The Sudanese Red Sea coast, which stretches for 750 km from Sudan's northern borders with Egypt down to the southern boundary with Eritrea, is certainly unique and unrivalled in the world as to the purity and unexplored beauty of its beaches and water.

The region is known internationally as an ideal place for snorkeling, diving, seafaring and large fish hunting. The marine life is rich and diverse with crystal clear waters, coral reefs and exotic colourful underwater life.


The Red Sea is looked upon as a huge lake that intercedes between the Mediterranean Sea from the north and the Indian Ocean to the south with fiords and small islands.

Diving trips usually begin from Port Sudan aboard yachts of different sizes and fully equipped with diving equipment, with the availability of many diving locations.

Senganib Coral Colony is also famous for its sea fiords and many types of fish, chief among them the Hammer Head Shark. Divers often sail north to the region of Romi Corals, where the famous marine scientist Jack Costaeu had accomplished his notable studies and research. Mr. Costaeu's underwater laboratory still exists.


Further north, we find the largest sea island on the Sudanese coast. It is the Island of Mogarsem, which is embedded with golden sand beaches, and dense mangrove forests, interspersed with volcanic sun-beaters and rocky hillocks. Schools of Manta Ray's fish can often be found roaming the surrounding waters. In the evening, the nights here are spent leisurely amid quiet isolated camps and traditional folklore demonstrations.
Sea cruise may last for two or three weeks. However, those who desire shorter or longer trips can also be accommodated.


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