Darfur Peace Negotiations to be Resumed in next June
Thursday, 27 May 2010 10:12
Doha, May 26 (SUNA)- Darfur peace negotiations will begin the first week of next June, said the Qatari State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed bin Abdalla Al-Mahmoud In press conference held in Doha Wednesday, the Qatari minister said that Darfur negotiations will be comprehensive, indicating that Qatar and the joint mediator of the UN and

 African Union are in contact with all parties - the government of Sudan, the Justice and Equality Movement and Liberation and Justice Movement

He said that the negotiations that began in Doha will exclude no party and that Doha is open for all

Al-Mahmoud said that as a mediator, Doha has prepared all files for the negotiations, adding that the Justice and Equality Movement is a major part in the negotiations, therefore the movement is hoped to reconsider its stand and join the negotiations, adding that invitation to participate will be extended to the movement

"What we hope is to arrive at comprehensive agreement and JEM is welcomed in Doha which aims to reach an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties"

He said that peace is important for Darfur at this crucial period, adding that Qatar is confident that JEM and other movements are aware that it is high time to achieve peace

Al-Mahmoud said that Qatar will go ahead with contacting all parties to arrive at a peace agreement

Speaking at the press conference, head of Sudan negotiating delegation, Dr. Amin Hassan Omer, said that Khartoum remained in continuous consultation with Qatar and the joint mediator of the UN and African Union toward speeding up the negotiations

He said that Sudan governemnt is keen to negotiate without pre-conditions

Dr. Omer has appreciated Qatar for its efforts to bring about peace in the region

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