Sudan Culture
Friday, 29 January 2010 23:35

Sudan is a miniature representation of Africa: a large country with geographic, extremes ranging from sandy desert to tropical forest. It has about 600 tribes who have Arabic as their common language, beside there are about 142 different languages. The cuisine is a melding of the many varied backgrounds of the people who live in the Sudan's land.sudan

The ritual of hospitality is as important in the Sudan as it is in other Arab and African countries. And while there is a measure of similarity in all the Arab and African countries, each has its unique characteristics. For example, no other country prepares coffee as the Sudanese do, and if this country acquired culinary fame, it is for its Sudanese Jebena (Special made Sudanese Coffee).

The Sudanese fry their coffee beans in a special pot over charcoal and then grind it with cloves and certain spices. They steep it in hot water and serve it lovingly in tiny coffee cups after straining it through a special tresh grass sieve.

In Sudan, if you are an important guest, a sheep will be slaughtered in your honor. Many dishes will then be prepared, each more delicious than the last. Favorite meats are lamb and chicken. Rice is the staple starch. Breads are the Arabian Khubz, but the Sudanese also make Kisra, an omelette- like pancake which is part of the Sudanese dinner. Vegetables, fresh and cooked, are of infinite variety. The okra, is an important ingredient in a (Bamia dish)- Bamia is an okra lamb stew. You must try Maschi, a triple tomato dish stuffed with beef, as it is such fun to make. As in most Arabic countries, fruits are peeled and cut in small slices for dessert, but the Sudanese also love sweets and every housewife knows how to make Creme Caramela Custard. You will like their unusual teas which can be made quite simply. But if you prefer to serve coffee, make it a demitasse.
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