The Embassador of Republic of Sudan paid a visit to CASRAD, Food crop Research Insititute Vietnam (FCRI)
Thursday, 21 August 2014 00:00

On 21st August, MR. SAYED ALTAYEB AHMED – the Embassador of Republic of Sudan has paid a visit to CASRAD. Mr.Dao The Anh, Vice director of Food Crop Research Institute Vietnam cum CASRAD director, had a warm welcome and meeting with the Embassador.

Mr.Dao The Anh had a brief introduction of the structure and activities of FCRI together with CASRAD to the Embassador as well as some co-operations of the FCRI and some African countries in general and Sudan in particular. This visit is to make the memorandum of co-operation into reality, which was signed by both goverments in 2013.


The Embassador had a compliment on the relationships between two countries in recent years, silmutaneously confirmed that the co-operative relationship in agriculture is a promising one to encourage. According to the Embassador, to Sudan, the potentiality of human and land is very big. However, there is a lack of agricultural-producing projects so every year, Sudan has spent a big amount of money to import food. Despite the above potentiality, the lack of legal frame as well as a shortage of technical consultance for agricultural production has made food security alarming. The Embassador is confused about solutions for the mentioned problems, and expressed the intention of visiting VAF together with other members to study the management experience and technical sharing.

On Vietnam side, Mr.Dao The Anh assumed that an exchange of Sudan team and Vietnam team is necessart to suppose some projects which support Sudan in solving difficulties in agricuture. These projects need general research from field research, technical study to agriculture promoting policies in Sudan. PhD Dao The Anh also invited the Embassador to visit agricutural esearch institutes in Vietnam in the suitable time.

The Embassador showed his approval the visit and exchanges between the two countries and promised to find co-operative opportunities in special projects sponsored by the two Governments and investors.


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