Visa/ Attestation
Monday, 25 December 2017 11:12


Entry Visa for non-Sudanese

1. Applying for the visa through the Aliens Department at the Ministry of Interior in Khartoum as a first step and obtaining the unique entry permit number. A sponsor in Sudan will be required to apply on behalf of the applicant.
2. After having the number issued and passed to the Embassy in Vietnam through official channels, please bring the following:
     I. A filled visa application form with the sponsor details fully provided therein.

     (click here to download)
     II. One passport-size photo.
     III. Fees are £95 for American passport holders, and £55 for other passports, paid only upon issuing the visa.
3. Those visiting Sudan in official missions sponsored by governmental institutions, foreign diplomatic missions, International or Non-governmental Organizations can apply either through their respective sponsor in Sudan or the Embassy in Vietnam pending the approval of visa by Khartoum.
4. Personal submission of applications at the Embassy is required for ordinary visas (family and friends visits, tourism, etc). Applications and collection of official visas can be done via post or couriers.


Document Authentication

  1. Original documents
  2. Copy of the original documents
  3. Copy of ID card or passaport of the applicant
  4. Must legalized before sending or submission of documents to the Embassy .

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